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Hi, Fellow Caravaners

Northumberland Centre of the Caravan Club


Our sincere thanks go to Dot, Marion, Brian and all helpers,
also to all of those people who donated items to be sold, and raffled.

The sale was held at Amble Market, arranged by Dot with the Market organisers.
A sum of £318:00 was raised, well done to all.

The stall at Amble Market on 31st August

Raised £365.90

Marion raised £43 in a raffle for a 'Robotic Dog'
Which was won by 'Yellow Ticket 65', serial No. AC 915871
Congratulations to the winner, Michael O'Sullivan.

Can I pass on from the Centre what a credit you are to us, the charity and
yourselves, very well done.

Also to all of you who have donate items.
Thank you for you support.

Will all people who have a 'Cystic Fibrosis' money box
please return them to Marion, Dot or any committee member
by 26th September 2014


Change of Venue

Bonfire Rally, 

7-9 November, will now be held at Tranwell Farm. 
Bookings still to Andy Cross or any committee member

Directions will be on-line soon


Don't forget  Powburn 5-7 September

Plenty of spaces with great views and good walks

Contact; Ian & Karen Bell
or Andy & Terri Cross

Details in handbook


Ingram 12-14 September

Just a short walk from the annual Ingram Show.
There also plenty of walks connecting to the site and
surrounding areas.

Contact; Marion & Colin Brennan
or Patrick & Lynda Crilly

Details in handbook


It is now 35 days to our A.G.M on the 5th October 2014.

Unfortunately any 'Cub Members' not registered with our 'Centre'
are ineligible to speak or vote at the meeting

The new phone number for
Susan&George Turner is
01670 457659

The next rallies are:

Powburn, 5-7 September, Karen and Ian Bell
Ingram, 12-14 September, Marion and Colin Brennan

Details are in the Handbook
Subpages (1): Safety